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Published: 04th May 2010
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What is unique about kangaroo kids?

Most teaching methods that take place in the classrooms are text based and so are taught through media which is primarily symbolic rather than practical. The Kangaroo Kids program understands that most children are not ready to handle pure abstract information until around 9 years of age, when presented with such abstract information these children may be able to regurgitate the information they have rote-learnt, but they will not be able to process it internally. The Kangaroo Kids program is based on the premise that, there are different sensory modalities through which a child learns. A child may be a strong visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner. Our program operates in all three modalities allowing each child to achieve his/her maximum potential.

At Kangaroo Kids our programs involve all the three forms of instructions: experience, observation and symbolism. Our emphasis is on active learning and on providing a system that leads to the acquisition of both knowledge and skills. Kangaroo Kids places an emphasis on the role of process in learning, these results in a natural & integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking.

The main aim of Kangaroo Kids pre-school is to cater to each child’s social, emotional, and development needs and to provide an environment which allows each child grow and develop with self confidence. Kangaroo Kids believes in an open viewing system. This means that any parent is welcome to view a session in progress through our specially designed interiors.

Kangaroo Kids Preschool Infrastructure

Kangaroo Kids has put together a strong and diligent team of teachers, centre directors, and curriculum programmers. Our curriculum team is dedicated to creating exciting teaching resources, detailed curriculum and the training of teaching staff. The curriculum and methodology is constantly updated to keep pace with changes in educational research.

Equipment is also updated and upgraded in order to implement the changes that occur in the curriculum. Apart from the material designed-in-house specifically to suit our programs, Kangaroo Kids also imports a large range of commercially produced resources and manipulative equipment

Kangaroo Kids Preschool Class Size

At Kangaroo Kids our class numbers are small and teacher/student ratios are maintained at 1:6 for children below 2½ and 1:8 for children above 2½. This allows for our programs and activities to be child centered

Activities for Kangaroo kids

Since children learn best through direct experiences, Kangaroo Kids organizes opportunities for children to learn by seeing, feeling and doing. Through these experiences, children establish their understanding as well as acquire the social, intellectual and physical skills necessary for the development of meaningful concepts.

Children of Kangaroo Kids as well as neighboring mainstream schools benefit from our “in-house” programs such as Marine day, Farm day, Insect and Reptile Day to name a few.

A Farm day, for example, gives the child an opportunity to see locally sourced farm and pet animals. They get to feed the goat, take a bullock cart ride and watch a pot shaping up on a potter's wheel. The entire school is done up to create an authentic ‘farm – like ambience’ with lots of hay and a scare crow to complete the picture.

The Indiranagar branch offers a variety of activities for children between 2 - 8 years of age. The school offers Yoga, dance, Joy of reading classes and foreign languages for children which will be held during the "after school hours".

Kangaroo kids Curriculum
Theme based concept development
Our teaching methodology is based on the undisputed premise that children enjoy learning through play, hands on activities and interaction with others. Kangaroo Kids formulates the teaching of concepts, through activities, songs and games and a variety of hands on experiences through which children can explore and learn about the world around them.
Formal Work Preparation
Reading is the foundation for all learning, if a child is successful in reading all other learning becomes easier. Skilled reading is a complex process requiring us to do many things at once and is based on a firm foundation in phonological awareness, knowledge between sounds and letters as well as visual memory. Kangaroo Kids has evolved a multi-sensory reading program that keeps in mind that children learn through all their senses. A wide variety of exciting activities also help children acquire pre-reading and reading skills.
Mathematical Concepts
A wide range of activities are built into the program to provide children with meaningful experiences in problem solving, number usage and a practical application of initial number concepts. Our Maths programs allow for hands-on exploration, active investigation & the use of manipulative.
Motor Activities
Kangaroo Kids provides opportunities for children to develop coordinated skills in a safe non threatening environment. By taking part in structured play situations both, indoors and out, children are offered a chance to try out new skills as well as practice familiar ones. Motor activities, woven into the curriculum teach and reinforce skills such as balance, hand-eye co-ordination, rhythm and the manual dexterity necessary to colour, draw and write.
Crawling through the tunnel, balancing a frame shapes or simple activities like music – coordinated jumping through hooplas help children gain control over their bodies and its movements. These activities also help develop each child’s self esteem and confidence.

Music & Movements & Dramatic Play
Music & Movement sessions result in longer attention spans, sharper listening abilities and the development of language / vocabulary skills.
In addition to the skills developed music and movement sessions are a period of great enjoyment for children.
Creative Arts
The visual arts fulfill an essential need in children to explore and organize their world. The acts of drawing, painting and shaping objects teach children important new ways of thinking, of creating and of communicating with images as well as with words.
Field Trips
Kangaroo Kids organizes outdoor field trips like visits to the fire station, supermarket and petrol station for our younger age groups. Visits to a School for the blind, Optician, Dentist, Air Works, Science Centre and Zoo are just a sample of the various field trips for our older children (Jr. KG & Sr. KG). Fields trips differ according to the age, syllabus and maturity level of the students

What do people say about us?
As with every first time- mother, I was apprehensive about sending Sara to school for the first time, but Kangaroo Kids made it so easy. The whole experience has been wonderful, and now i have difficulty getting her home from school everyday.
Anjali Sachin Tendulkar (Parent) – Mumbai.
I have been working as a performing artiste for the last ten years without break, all the risk sounding self appraising, I might add I have thought that I have been doing quite a good job in my line of work., all that changed when I attended the annual Function of Kangaroo Kids I wish the school all the best and hope they continue to do such marvelous activities for the children, actually if not for the children request do it for the parents sake please.
Shahrukh Khan (Parent) – Mumbai
Having spent 6 years of my life in Germany, I feel that Kangaroo Kids could be like reliving my childhood, the first hand experience concepts & everything else that Kangaroo Kids stands for, is just what we parents were looking for and what children really need and deserve.
Aasrine Jafar Hasan (Parent) - Bangalore
Sabeeka & I have just moved from Vietnam, and after taking a tour of all your schools I was really impresses by the beautiful & friendly environment you were offering. To be honest I really had me doubts that a school, which is relatively new, would be able to reach students internationally education. But I am very happy to say you don’t reach the standards you are setting them, bravo! Keep it up!
Nusrat Aga (Parent) - Mumbai
It is fun for Shubhi to come on to such a colorful & lively atmosphere. This is not a school but a play house for here. Shubhi is never ready to come back home even after school is over. We really thank you for the hard work you in for each child.
Mani Sharma (Parent) - Delhi
I commend Mrs. Lina Ashar the brain behind the all the activities of Kangaroo Kids concept should travel all over India.
D N P Prasad Principal-Bombay Scottish School - Mumbai
Really love the ay you guys teach here i.e. the hands on methods the sense booths etc, great going me; am almost tempted to join in as perhaps a teacher WOW! It is really my way of letting you know it’s really great. But I am always there for any help o can be if, Thank You teachers.
Charu Ahuja (Parent) - Delhi
This is why my children will only go to Kangaroo Kids! First hand experience….touch, smell, and hear… what a fabulous way to learn, makes education an exciting, fun non-intimidating experience.
Pooja Bedi (Parent) - Mumbai
For parents who are concerned about the education foundation of their children selecting the right play-school/ nursery is an important as selecting an university, it is for this very reason that my husband and I choose to send ours on to Kangaroo Kids despite the distance form our residence…
It was a good decision our song has blossoms from an unsure infant into a normal boisterous, friendly and confident boy… cannot praise the methodology followed by the school enough…
Medha Anup Jalota (Parent) - Mumbai
The pre-school (Kangaroo Kids) has offered the students (S. N.D.T. Teacher Trainees) valuable learning experiences…
The child friendly environment created and resources, material and equipment’s your centre house in phenomenal… your philosophy of integrating resource person in your school (e.g. Calling a baker) especially impressed the steuends. A high level of hygiene, safety is maintained in your school which commendable… we are happy that your students have avail of an opportunity to have explode an Australian play way based school, famed throughout Mumbai for its out reach programme.
Sungandha Jain Supervisor, Ece, Dept S.N.D.T Women’s University -Mumbai
The first of its kind, kinder garden in India that has introduced to parents and children a whole new concept in learning…
A brand new style of teaching…… learning alphabets on the comp are certainly different from the day of chalk and black board……
A lot of fun……
Word association through themes is the best here……
A style quite their own.
Rahul Bose on BBC

You can contact us
Kangaroo Kids,
#947, 12th main, HAL II stage,
Bangalore - 38.
Phone: 41154677/78

E-mail: ind@kkblr.com

Kangaroo Kids,
#34, 3rd Cross, Khoday's Colony,
RMV II stage, Near RMV Club,
Bangalore - 94.
Phone: 23513822

Email: rmv@kkblr.com

For more information on
Kangaroo Kids Preschool
you can visit our website http://kkblr.com/kkpreschool_home.html

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